About Us

Welcome! Sea Moss Dad was founded by my wife and I in 2019. Like many, we grew up on the "Western Diet".  We knew that the foods we consumed were in no way healthy for us and felt guilty each time we indulged in it. Working in the funeral industry and my wife in healthcare, we wanted to create healthier eating habits not just for us, but for our children and become better examples for our communities. That's when we discovered Dr. Sebi on YouTube in 2017 and were introduced to the "Alkaline Vegan Diet". Upon watching numerous of Dr. Sebi's videos, doing our own research, and learning that food was made for medicine and energy, we transitioned to the "Alkaline Vegan Diet" in 2018. We felt it in our spirits that in order to change our lives, we had to change what we consumed. We started consuming the super food "Sea Moss" and loved all the benefits and how it made our bodies feel. Not only did we want to benefit from it, we wanted the world to benefit this super food. That's when we came up with the amazing idea to start "Sea Moss Dad".